Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Arnold

5 rating

My son is 21 and high-functioning autistic. He really hates getting his haircut and has made me do it for years. We visited this Arnold location on Saturday, after much convincing that a professional needs to cut his hair. He was not happy with me. He went back with Becka (on his own) and WOW! She took the time to show him how to style his hair and blow it dry. I never said anything about his ability level and it didn't matter because she was patient with him anyways! She did AMAZING and he was thrilled. He got up Sunday and fixed his hair like she showed him. His confidence is improved and he's feeling good about himself. THANK YOU Becka!! I cant possibly explain how great it is to see him feeling so good!! (and he has agreed to come back when he needs it cut again, thank god!)

3 rating

Im always happy with the service and cut but getting more and more disappointed with the experience. Not only have prices recently gone up but now I check myself in and have to check myself out, including all credit/debit card transactions. The real kicker for me is the first part of checking out has three options for leaving a gratuity; $5, 7, and 10 with a 4th “other amount”. I’m ok with having a tip option but the first option, $5 after already charging 20+? The customer is doing more and more while being charged more.

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0 based on 2 Client reviews